Thursday 21 February 2019

Website Woes

    I knew that eventually this problem would happen.  I am talking about my website software.  I don’t even remember when it was that I began my website, but it was way before 2011, when I began my daily blog.  Whenever it was, over the years the site has built up more than 2,700 pages, mostly blogs.  During all that time I have been using Apple’s iWeb software to create my website and daily blogs.
    Some time ago, Apple announced that it would no longer support iWeb.  That was when the fear inside me began to grow.  Luckily, since then, as Apple kept updating its operating systems, iWeb kept working for me, but I knew sooner or later I would run into trouble.  I stopped updating my operating system when I got a warning that iWeb would not work on newer updates, hoping to delay the problem.
    Then I was informed that my web host had been taken over by another outfit and that they would be my new host and my website would be moved by them.  Somehow a problem occurred on my website, and in my efforts to solve it, I hit a button on iWeb that would re-post the entire massive website.  Trying to upload everything seems to have caused a problem in iWeb that crashes every time I try to post a new blog, so people trying to get to my blog get an error message.  There is nothing I can do from stopping iWeb from uploading my whole site, each time I just want to upload a blog, and each time it crashes.
    My blog can still be read on but since I can’t update my website, I have no way of telling people about my alternate blog site.  
    Its been a very frustrating week trying to deal with the problem, I have pretty much tried everything I can think of to get my blog up on my website, and  I am at the point now that I think all I can do is re-create my whole website using another program--what a bummer.


  1. That is where I have another blog?

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  3. It is still winter and tons of snow and lots of free time. Good luck.
    I might try contacting the new web host and see if they can't remedy your situation. They can probably do what you want in a flash.