Sunday, 17 January 2021

A Patch of Sunlight

    I am always looking for interesting and unusual lighting.  That is what prompted me to take this photo the other day.

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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Look What Arrived Yesterday

    Yep, that’s another guitar strap.   If you haven’t read my blog of Jan. 8th you probably don’t know what all of the fuss is about, but after I ordered two (and my wife another one) I received a fifth guitar strap yesterday.  I am not sure why.

    I am beginning to think if you look at something online, it automatically comes.  I will have to wait for my credit card bill to see if I have bought all of them or whether some of them are just “freebees”.  I had enough instruments for the first four, and even though I don’t really need this fifth, I guess I can put it on another guitar I have that I rarely use.

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Friday, 15 January 2021

Hard Slogging on the Trail

    While our heavy snow has been beautiful, it has really made walking our loop trail more difficult.  The photo above shows the section of trail that runs atop our dam.  (That’s the trail in the middle of the photo.)  All of the young trees on both sides have been bent down by the heavy snow.  Several sections of the trail looked like this and I had to stop, shake the trees, (which often covered me with snow) before I could proceed through the tangle.

    I was pretty exhausted by the time I got back to the house.  Kona wasn’t really impacted by the stooped trees, she was able to walk right under the snow-ladened arches.

    I was glad I walked the trail though because I did get a couple of photos that I liked.  (Below)


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Thursday, 14 January 2021

More Snow Photos

    The snowfall we had on Tuesday night left us in a beautiful world.  Yesterday I showed you some photos that I took in the overcast early morning.  Today I have some shots showing the scenery around our house with the sunshine highlighting some of the snow-covered trees.  The photo above shows the scene I have photographed a thousand times before (even yesterday) but it is always changing depending on the light.

    Below is a shot from our balcony.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

We Finally Got Some Snow

    I was beginning to think this was going to be a pretty snowless winter.  It seemed strange to be sitting in the middle of January with bare fields and yards.  Last night however Mother Nature did finally get back to work and produced about 6 inches (15cm) of snow.  

    This was a wet heavy snow so all of the trees and bushes were bent over when I got up.  The weight was too much for some branches and they broke off and fell to  the ground.

    I usually spend some time painting in the morning, but had to forego that in order to crank up the snowblower and clear the driveway.  The temperature is still mild (overnight it was -2C, 28F, normally it should be -15C, 5F).

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Angora Goats

    Way back in the late 1980’s, after we had well settled in to the “Hobby Farm” we had bought in the Robson Valley, I decided I wanted to raise some kind of animals.  We had a barn, fences, and pasture so it seemed logical to give farming a try.  I knew I always got too attached to animals, and I didn’t want to raise anything that I would have to kill, so after some research I decide that I wanted to raise Angora goats.

    Unlike most goats that are raised for milk and meat, Angora’s are more like sheep and are raised for their “wool” which is called Mohair.  It is warmer than wool and takes dye better.  The fiber is fine, white,  and wavy.  It is what was used for Santa Claus beards, Shirley Temple’s wig, expensive suits, and sweaters.  

    I did some checking and discovered that there was someone a couple of hours away that raised Angora goats.  I gave him a call and soon found myself driving back to McBride with a puzzled Angora buck and doe in the back of our Scout.

    Getting the goats was exciting change for us.  I enjoyed going out every morning to to the barn so I could let the two goats into the pasture.  We would spend a lot of time just standing by the fence watching them wander around the pasture munching grass.

    Below is a photo of our first goats:  Wotan, our buck and Brunhilde, our doe, sharing a bowl of oats.

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Monday, 11 January 2021

Seepage Ice

    I suspect you are getting tired of hearing me talk about all the underground water that is seeping to the top and freezing, but the phenomenon is getting worse by our garden.  I hope you can see all of the ice that is slowly forming as the water seeps up.  The fenced area in the photo is our garden, and like during the summer, when our garden continually flooded, the same thing is happening through the winter, only now the water freezes in place.

    I guess I will have to dig a trench in the spring to channel the water into an underground drainage pipe that runs between the garden and the greenhouse.  

    While I don’t have many outside jobs I can do during the winter, the list of work that needs to be done after winter is over, continues to grow.

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