Wednesday 6 February 2019

Enough Already

    I hate this really cold weather (-34C, -29F) this morning.  Every day I anxiously look at the weather forecast hoping to see that the cold spell will break and things will get back to normal.  
    “Okay, we just have to get through the night then tomorrow night will be warmer,” I tell myself, then the next day looking at the forecast, I get the ugly surprise that no, the cold temperatures are going to be sticking around for another day.  This happened several times over the last few days.  Again today, the forecast shows a “warming” trend, hopefully this time it will come to fruition.
    It’s not that we are really suffering. We have down coats, felt-pack boots, toasty gloves, and can plug in the block heater in the car to warm the engine.  Fortunately, when it gets this cold it is a “dry cold” which doesn’t go through you like a damp cold.  Another big plus is that when the temperature dips this low, there is no wind, so it is very still, and that really makes a big difference.
    Luckily, there isn’t much I need to do outside, just feed the birds, bring in firewood, and take out scraps to the compose pile, so I spend my time inside, reading books, watching the news on TV, playing the guitar, until it is time to eat a meal, after which I start those activities all over again.

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  1. Maybe you need to take a hobby cooking or baking?