Saturday 16 February 2019

My Never Ending Trailer Saga

    Back in September Costco had an online deal on utility trailers. They were selling at a reduced price, but the thing that really hooked me was the fact that there was free delivery to my door.  (This was an amazing thing for someone who lived so far away from any big city.)  I ordered it, and when it came I assembled it.  The next thing I had to do was license it.  I had no idea what a hassle that would become.
    I took all the information I figured I needed down to the Village Office to get a license, and they sent me back home to get additional information (the form from the Chinese manufacturer), I brought that in to them, then they needed the VIN number on the trailer, so I again I left the office with no license.  This back and forth happened about five times, until they finally able to get a license.  I was much relieved, assuming that all those problems were behind me--I was wrong.
    In January, I got a letter which included a form that the office had failed to have me sign.  I signed it and mailed it in.  Okay, I thought NOW its all over--I was wrong again.
    Last week I got a letter from ICBC (British Columbia’s licensing authority)  They said that they needed the receipt for my purchase of the trailer.  I went back to the Village Office to get some clarification.  Yes, they said ICBC required the signed receipt.  I explained again, that I bought it online and didn’t have a signed receipt.  They said bring in the email receipt I had received.
    This created a problem because I get an email sale ad or two from Costco every day, and after they pile up in my mailbox and I delete en masse when they pile up .  I was sure that receipt was among the Costco emails I had deleted-- this time I was right.
    I went to my Costco online account, and was able to download the order form showing that I had bought the trailer, paid for the trailer, and it had been delivered.  With that printed piece of paper in hand I went back to the Village Office and gave it to them.  
    To my dismay, that wasn’t good enough.  Even though it had all the information that a receipt would have, it wasn’t a signed receipt, and it didn’t have the VIN number or the signature of the person selling me the trailer.  Discouraged and beaten, I went back home.
    I contacted Costco, and they re-emailed me the original receipt.  It also didn’t have the VIN number or a signature of the seller.  Nevertheless, I forwarded that to the Village Office.  The next day they asked me to send them a photo of the VIN number on the trailer.  (This had previously been done way back in October, but I sent them another copy.)  Even though that email receipt (like all email receipts) didn’t have the signature of the seller or the VIN, the Village Office was going to try to make it work with the bureaucrats at ICBC.  
    I can’t help but shake my head in hopes of bringing it back to life, after all this ridiculous BS.  I find it hard to believe that I was the only person in BC to ever buy a trailer from Costco.  Obviously ICBC is way behind the times as far as online shopping, and it sorely needs to update its rules.
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  1. Obviously you ARE the only person to buy a trailer from Costco in BC. :)
    Just think they now have a catalog of info on your purchase. Some how , I doubt this is the end of the matter.
    Good luck.