Friday 15 February 2019

Commonality in my Paintings

       I paint each day and when I am done, I put the painting on an easel that is sitting at the top of the stairs.  I like to look up at the painting as I walk past down below, and as I climb the steps, to analyze it. 
      The other day when I glanced up at the painting, I also noticed the older painting that was hanging on the wall behind it.  Looking at both of them together, it struck me how similar they were to each other.  That made me think about how there is a commonality that runs through a lot of my paintings.
     I have painted a lot of different images, and so they don't all have the same traits, but certainly most of them are about light falling on plants, highlighting them against a darker background.  And I seem to really like the yellow-green color.
     I am not alone in liking the same sort of things over and over.  People often know who painted a picture before they see the signature, because of the similarity to their other works.  Musicians also tend to use the same chords or certain melody segments in their music.  
     I guess that everyone is sort of "hard-wired" to those things that they like and project them over and over.

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