Sunday 3 February 2019

Catching Up On Snowfall

    It was a bit worrying, after not having a white Christmas here in the Interior of British Columbia, that we were not going to get our allotted amount of snow this winter.  However, things have slowly returned to normal.  We usually have around 24 inches (60cm) of snow on the ground by this time and as you can see from the measure stuck in the snow, we are just about there.  
    This is all very unscientific.  I try to measure in the same spot, but that is just guesswork, and in past winters I have measured the snow weeks later, and measured amount is a more, but I think we are on the usual track.
    Along with the snow we have started to get some colder temperatures.  This morning it was -26C (-15F), so I have been feeding my wood stove with lots of birch firewood.

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