Monday 15 January 2018

Temperature Inversion

    So far this has been a pretty mixed up winter.  Yesterday we had clear skies and above freezing temperatures.  I usually talk to my family on Sundays, and it seems while we in Interior British Columbia were enjoying the balmy above freezing temperatures, Southern Indiana was shivering in temperatures in the +20F (-7C) range.  
    My sister, for one, wasn’t complaining.  The local lakes had ice on them for a change, and she is hoping that their current cold will mitigate some of the many insect pests they have been experiencing in the summer.  
    I too wasn’t complaining.  Quite often for us if it is clear, calm, and sunny in the winter, it is also very cold, which wasn’t the case yesterday.  Who knows what is ahead of us, so far this winter, things have been all over the map.

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