Saturday 20 January 2018

Sweet Spot

    During the day our temperatures have been rising above freezing.  Yesterday I noticed this healthy green clump of mosses growing along the edge of our old well house roof.  Clearly it was enjoying its situation.  Mosses love cool, moist, shady conditions and this clump had certainly found a sweet spot to grow on.
    Our old well house has a cedar shake roof, which gave the mosses enough texture to establish itself on.  Presently, snow covers most of the upper portion of the roof, and these above freezing temperatures are slowly melting the snow.  The meltwater from the surface slowly seeps through the snow until it hits the cedar shakes, then the slope of the roof makes it run downward until it meets the sponge-like mosses, which are happy to soak it in.

    While these mosses are thriving now, later during the summer they have a rougher time as direct sunlight drys them out and they only get watered when it rains.

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