Thursday 4 January 2018

A Bright WInter's Night

    Last night I had to go to a meeting and returned home around 10:00.  Even though it has been three days since the full moon, the moon was very bright.  When I got out of the truck to walk to the house, I was struck by how quiet it was and how bright it was outside with the near-full moon and the snow on the ground.
    That snow reflected brightness has always impressed me during the winter.   Sometimes I think you could read a book outside just from the light of the moon and snow.  I have over the year’s tried to take a photo of the night light and have never been very happy with the results.  Last night I had my iPhone on me so I thought I would give that a try.  The resulting shot is one of the best night photos I have taken. 
    When we let Skye outside for her last pee, it is so easy to see her dark mass against the snow.  It is always a bit of a shock in the early spring when the snow is gone and we let her out, her black fur just disappears against the dark grass and you can’t tell where she is.    Snow does offer advantages when it comes to seeing in the dark.

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