Thursday 11 January 2018

Internet Blues

    Living in an isolated rural area means that we have to accept that we are just not going to be able to have a lot of the things that are available to people in urban areas.  We were seeing news reports about ATM’s and cell phone coverage in rural Africa before McBride got those things.  Like I said we accept the fact, but that doesn’t mean we don’t complain.
    The internet reception we have bounces a signal across a couple of radio repeaters which are located on mountains, then the signal is received in Valemount (a neighboring village.)  In the past we have had lots of periods when something along the line failed and we were without internet for a couple of days.  The internet company was sold recently and we were hoping to see improvements, but instead the service has greatly deteriorated. 
    In the photo above you can read what kind of “speeds” we are receiving and I am paying over $70  for “Enhanced” service.  I am not a happy camper.
    It is sometimes dicy just to try to stream a radio station.  I would never dream of trying to stream a movie, that would never work.
    I’m afraid I have now lost that initial hope of improved by the new owners of our internet.  It is a company called Monashee Communications.  I lost that hope when I tried to call and complain about our service.  The phone number for the original company was disconnected, so I Googled the company to find contact information and when I clicked on their website link I got the “File Not Found (404 error)” message--not a good sign.
    So some outfit that calls itself a “communications” company, doesn’t have a phone number, or an internet site (I am unaware of any mailing address).  I am not sure how they are communicating.  They are continuing to take my $70 a month, and my frustration at the whole situation is building, especially every night as I twiddle my thumb waiting for a website to load.
    One of the problems is for us there are no alternatives.  A couple of friends had found good alternatives, but those are no longer available.  I just sit here hoping I am wrong and that maybe Monashee Communications will in fact communicate with me and help to solve this problem.

Note: since posting this I have managed to contact Monashee Communications and they have promised help is on the way starting on Jan. 22.  My hope has been renewed.

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  1. Home » Current News » Monashee Communications purchases Robson Valley Internet Corp
    Monashee Communications purchases Robson Valley Internet Corp
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    Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 00:00
    Monashee Communications purchases Robson Valley Internet Corp
    Monashee Communications, a wireless internet service provider, has purchased Robson Valley Internet Corp’s assets and will continue to operate them for the Robson Valley.

    The deal, effective as of Dec. 1, means that Monashee will take over all Robson Valley Internet Corp’s current internet subscribers in Valemount, Dunster, McBride and outer rural areas of the Robson Valley.

    “We have been looking for the right location for a while, and we are happy that we have found the right company that was for sale in the area with what we were aligning towards,” said Sean Jigolyk, CTO of Monashee.

    Monashee will be offering wireless Internet and VoIP phone services to customers along with future access to Hybrid Fibre Hi-Speed internet in excess of 50Mbps to the home.

    “This acquisition allows us to immediately start operations in the Robson Valley and focus on our upgrade path to Hybrid Fibre,” says Robert Chapman, General Manager of Monashee.

    Monashee also continues to employ a technician in Valemount, who will maintain the existing network and offer continued local support in the Valley.

    Upgrades are in the planning stages and scheduled for deployment in 2018 with Hi-Speed Internet becoming a reality in more of Rural British Columbia.

    Customers can contact Monashee directly at 1-877-295-0655.

  2. Getting the phone number is very much appreciated. Send me your email address to Gemma's Person. I would like to discuss how you found it.

  3. Typed Monashee Communicaions in to BING. Second thing that came up was that article from the The Valley Sentinel.