Monday 22 January 2018

Putting On the Name

    Yesterday Joan was working on her quilt and mentioned she was already dreading having to embroider her name on it.  I feel the same dread whenever I am getting to the end of on one of my paintings.  It’s the worse part of painting the picture.  It's not that I am ashamed of the painting, I am really proud my paintings, it’s just that I always do such a hatchet job on my name.  I am never satisfied with how it turns out.
    Several times I had to paint over my attempts of painting my name.  It's either too messy, too big, the wrong color, or in the wrong spot.  I don’t seem to be very consistent on how I write it.  I do try to make it subtle and although you can read it in the examples above, when you look at the painting as a whole, you really have to focus in to the spot to see it.  Squint your eyes to see how well they blend in to the background.

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