Tuesday 9 January 2018

Laid Low

    The cold, or flu, or whatever it is that has been going through McBride, has finally caught up with me.  I always believed that living in such an isolated place would give residents some protection from these outside diseases, but clearly that is not the case.  As soon as I felt this thing coming on, I started hoping that I would be better by Tuesday night so I could go play music at our jam, but the miracle cure I was hoping for, failed to materialize and I will spend my Tuesday night curled up in bed.
    It is interesting how these ailments sap your spirit.  I haven’t painted for days, and have found it difficult to come up with a blog.  I took this shot this morning while Skye and I were slowly plodding around the pond.  I had to make myself take the photo, it wasn’t automatic the way it normally is.  
    Oh well, enough of my whining.  After a few days with above freezing temperatures it is getting colder and as you can see we got some snow overnight.  There is more snow forecast for the days to come so if we get a good dump of it, I sure hope I will be well enough to clear the driveway.

You can view my paintings at: davidmarchant.ca

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