Tuesday 16 January 2018

Drowning in Stuff

    The other day when I was wandering around the house, I came upon an old charger for one of my electronic devices.  Then later I noticed another.  I knew I had some others so looked around and found two more.  I know that Joan has the same number of chargers too.  We could get by with just one of these chargers.  It made me sigh to think about all of the stuff we have, stuff we no longer use, but hate to just throw away.
    It is a real dilemma for me.  I hate to hang on to things we no longer use, but I hate to see it just go to the dump.  We do recycle those things we can.  Our community is so small and isolated it is difficult to get things to people who might need it, and this is not just my problem, North America is full of households stacked to the ceilings with things that are no longer needed.
    I heard the other day that China has now closed her door on the world’s recycling.  That is where most everything collected for recycling used to go.  Now what do we do?  Maybe we will just have to start dealing with the over consumption that we created.

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