Friday 16 December 2016

Time For The Eternal Flame

    Our cold snap continues (-30C, -22F this morning).  During milder periods we don’t totally load our wood stove and so by morning the fire is gone and we have to start from scratch.  With the frigid temperatures like we have now, before we go to bed we stuff the stove with wood so that it continues burning throughout the night and is still hot in the morning.  Then we just have to add more wood when we get up, instead of having to dig out the matches and start from scratch.
    During these times when we keep the “eternal flame,” I always think of something I read long ago about a cave site where our prehistoric ancestors lived.  Archeologist discovered ashes from their fire pit.  It extended meters deep into the ground and it was determined that those people, who lived before the technology of how to start a fire, had kept their fire, which had been captured from nature, going continually for thousands of years.
    Its hard to imagine just how important it was for them to keep that fire going, year after year after year through the centuries.
    The photo shows what the inside of our stove looked like this morning when I opened it.

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