Thursday 1 December 2016

A Walk in the Snowy Woods

    We have been lucky that the fluffy snow that blanketed everything remained for a few days.  Normally in our part of the Robson Valley the breezes sweep in and the snow begins to fall in clumps leaving the trees bare.  I was also lucky that I got Skye to accompany on a walk on our trail.  She is normally so paranoid of the neighbors two pit bulls that she refuses to go on the trail unless I am in front of her and Joan is behind her, but the pit bulls didn’t seem to be around so Skye followed me.
    The sun was shining in its low on the horizon winter position  backlighting the snow on the trees and plants.   The temperature was mild for this time of year, just at the freezing level, so Skye and I had a glorious walk in the fluffy world of white. 

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