Tuesday 6 December 2016

Preparing for the Cold

    After a month of unusually mild weather, the temperatures are starting to take a frigid nose-dive.  We woke up this morning to a -20C (-4F) thermometer reading.  In a couple of nights the low is supposed to be -29C (-20F).  As a result I had to scramble around to get ready for the cold snap.
    Vehicles up here in northern parts of Canada have “Block Heaters” installed.  They enable owners to plug their cars into the household electrical current, and warm the engine so that it will start easily in cold weather.  Yesterday I rigged up an extension cord and dug the block heater plug out from the engine so that both were easily accessible.
    That is what you can see in the photo, the extension cord hanging down from the carport roof, and the block heater plug sticking out from under the hood of the car.  Most people around here keep their cars plugged in all the time when it is cold, but I just plug it in about an hour before I start the car to save power.
    The other things I did yesterday to prepare for the cold were to help insure my personal warmth.  I got out my felt-pack boots and my warmest down coat.  I looked over my wood pile to note where the bigger pieces of birch were, because they make the most heat in our wood stove.

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