Friday 23 December 2016

Early Sunset

    Yesterday afternoon we went walking on Horseshoe Lake Road and I noticed that the Sun was already sinking behind the Cariboo Mountains.  It was only 1:40 in the afternoon. 
    The official sunset time for the Latitude of the Robson Valley is 3:46, but those mountains make the Sun’s disappearance a whole lot earlier, and the time varies depending upon where in the valley you are.  Our house is sitting on the toe of the slope of the Canadian Rockies, on the opposite side of the valley, so we get to see the sun a bit longer.
    It is interesting to see how dramatic the change of location of the sunset is throughout the year.  During the summer the sun doesn’t even set behind the mountain range, but way, way off to the right of this photo, down at the NW open end of the Robson Valley.

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