Monday 12 December 2016

A Blank Canvas

    Since I finished my last painting yesterday, I have to get busy on a new one.  As you can see I have already gridded off the canvas, so I will have a square to paint every day.  
     The hardest part of this task is deciding just what I am going to paint.  I had a couple of images in mind, one featured a pair of faraway headlights of a distant pickup, driving toward you down a snowy road on a gray winter’s day with a view of mountains being obscured by falling snow in the back ground.
    After thinking about it, and realizing how lacking in color the image was and I figured I needed a whole lot more color this time of year.  There is already enough grays and whites outside my door if I decided I needed it.  Besides, those colors don’t do much to lift the semi-depressed state I find myself in after what has happened politically down in the US, I need something a bit more uplifting colorwise.
    So I found an image with a lot of color, but I am not going to say what it is.  You can follow my progress on the painting by looking at the “Current Work” section of my website:

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