Thursday 8 December 2016

Frost Inside the House

    This morning it was plenty cold, -28C (-18F).  When it gets that cold, even though we have a well insulated and tight house, we always start to see a few weak points in our defenses.  Frost starts to form along the edges of our double glazed windows.  This inside frost always starts to cause problems when it warms up and the ice melts forming water that runs down the window frames.
    Another thing we notice is the electric socket in our mud room (a small enclosed area where we keep our coats and boots, behind the front door).   Because there is not much insulation behind the electrical outlet, frost forms on it’s screw and edges.  The last area where I noticed frost forming was on the edge of the guide on our door latch.
    With all these inside things frosting up, we don’t need a thermometer to tell us it is really cold outside.

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