Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas

    Joan and I had a happy Christmas morning.  Santa brought her the fancy bread knife she wanted and he brought me the harmonicas that I was hoping for, and of course, our friend Di, gave us way too many curious gifts, including special reading socks for me (I didn’t realize socks were becoming so specialized) and for Joan a book of Hygge (Swedish ways to live well) and and for the both of us: Elton John-style Christmas glasses.  All of the gifts she sent were beautifully wrapped and labelled with her famous riddles and clues about each gift.
    Joan didn’t have a very good Christmas Eve Day yesterday.  Normally we have a small group of close friends over for fancy snacks, but this year because one of the group was still weak from getting out of the hospital, and probably couldn’t come over, Joan organized that we all get together briefly at their house.  She spent most of the day yesterday making a trifle for the occasion and then she felt a cold coming on and didn’t want to spread it, so ended up not even going to the party to help eat the trifle.
    Below is a photo of the two of us wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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