Wednesday 21 December 2016

Searching for that Molecule of Food

    There is a saying that “nothing in Nature is wasted,” and that sure seems to be true.  If some careless bird at our feeder inadvertently drops a molecule of food and it falls to the ground and is covered by snow, some might say that that molecule of food has gone to waste, but it hasn’t, because our dog Skye has a steel determination to find and eat that molecule.   She buries her face into the snow and snuffles around until she has found that molecule and has devoured it.  
    Every ten minutes, Skye feels the need to go outside and check under the bird feeder to see if any additional molecules have fallen into the snow.   We are happy that Skye has taken a new interest in the “Great Out-of-doors”, but it is a bit of a pain that she now is constantly coming back into the house all covered with snow.
    Happy Solstice, Everyone.

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