Sunday, 18 September 2016

Visiting My Old Truck

    Yesterday Joan and I went up to Moores’ to attend a memorial potluck for a woman I used to work with at Forestry.  It was a rainy afternoon.  While everyone was standing around eating, Gary Moore came up to me and told me to look up the hill.  There sat my old green truck.  I had given it to Gary after it sat unused in my pasture for many years.   He loves messing around with old vehicles and has it running again.
    It was good to see my old “workhorse” again.  Not only had it been with me during many hours of hauling wood, hay, and building supplies, it has also been an inspiration for four of my paintings (“Truck,” “Patina,” “Tail Light,” and my current painting).  With yesterday’s drizzle, the door of the old GMC had water running down it just like in my “Patina” painting.
    Gary had several other old vehicles parked around the property, and he took me to one of his treasures-- a 1947 Studebaker  truck, with pealing paint and covered with leaves.  I found it a pretty interesting image and will put one of my photos of it in my “Possible Painting” file.
    Below is another photo of it.

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