Saturday 28 June 2014

Source of Multiple Heat

    Henry David Thoreau was wrong, when he said wood heat warms you twice; once when you split it and again when you burn it.  I don’t know how he came up with two, it seems to me he missed a few warming steps.  Since I get the wood in the spring, I first get heated up cutting the wood.  Then I warm up again when I have to carry all the chunks to load into the truck.  I am sweating once again, when I get it home and have to climb into the truck canopy to throw the wood out onto a pile in my yard, then there is the splitting and stacking.
    I am happy to announce that all those heat sources are now behind me, as I have all my winter’s wood supply gathered and stacked (sorry for the strange aspect of the photo, but the only way I could get all my wood in the photo was standing on the roof and holding the camera at an angle).  
    Getting all the firewood is always one of my most important spring/summer jobs, so it is always a big burden lifted from my shoulders to have it all stacked and ready to go.

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