Tuesday 17 June 2014

Skye's Detour

    I am aware that dog’s have senses that are far superior to those we possess, and because of this they are aware of things that we aren’t, but I am really puzzled by this one little quirk in Skye’s behavior.
    Joan and I take Skye out of a walk on our trail twice a day.  Skye is a very timid dog and doesn’t venture off of the trail.  In fact, she is so timid, she only feels secure walking between us, not out in front.  While she stays on the trail the whole way, when we get to one particular spot on the dam, instead of staying on the trail, she veers off of the trail and makes a short little jog through the grass, as shown in the photo. 
    I can see no reason for this, there is nothing on the trail that I can see that would make it suddenly unsuitable for walking on, and I can’t find anything on her little detour that might be more appealing than the trail, but she does the same thing day after day.  Its one of life’s little mysteries.

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