Thursday 19 June 2014

Joan's Phone

    Because we live in a place where there are a lot of areas where there are no people, whenever I have to drive up to Prince George, Joan always insists that I take her iPhone along in case of an emergency.  I am rather ignorant of all the functions that can be done with her phone (to read about  one of my most humorous iPhone adventures read my “Another Prince George Adventure” blog of November 27, 2014), but I do know how to make a phone call using the iPhone and that is all that would be required in an emergency.
    When I drove up to Prince last week, Joan again insisted that I take her phone along, so I put it into my pocket and off I drove.  Once I was up in Prince George, I dropped off a prescription at Costco so that it would be ready later when I returned to do some shopping, then I headed off to the Subaru dealer to get a service done on my car.  It usually only takes an hour to do the service and to check over the car, so I planned to just stick around the dealership reading, until the car was ready.
    About the time the car should be done, one of the mechanics came out and told me that there was a small oil leak in one of the gaskets, and since it was still under warranty from being fixed before, did I want to get that replaced while I was there.  It meant waiting another 3 hours, but I told him to fix it.  I decided I would just take off on foot, and do some of the other shopping that needed to be done, while they worked on the car.
    I made the long walk down to a shopping center and it didn’t take me but a 20 minutes to buy all those things I needed, so I had lots of time to kill until the car was ready.  When I am up at Prince George, I usually just eat at Costco, or a fast food joint, but since I had lots of time to wait, I decided to just go to the Red Robin Restaurant and relax and have a leisurely meal.  This I did, then slowly walked back to the garage.  The car still wasn’t done, so I read some more in the book I had along with me.
    Once the car was finished I picked up some coffee pods for Joan, then went over to Costco to do the main shopping.  Once I was finished there, I gave Joan a call on the iPhone to say I was heading home, and started the long 2.5 hour drive back to McBride.
    When I pulled into our driveway, I was a little surprised to see Joan, Skye, and the cat, all sitting there waiting for me.  Usually they are all in the house, since they never really know exactly how long my return trip would be.  When I got out of the car, Joan told me, “So, you ate at Red Robin didn’t you.”  I confessed I did, and she said, “You sure spent a long time at Costco.”
    “How did you know?” I asked.
    “I followed you on the computer,” was her reply.  
    It seems that the “Find my iPhone” function on Joan’s phone allowed her to track my every move and see exactly where I was.  She had followed me around the whole day on the computer.

   Here all this time I though she wanted me to take her phone in case of an emergency.

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