Monday 16 June 2014

Culps' Lilacs

    Every spring, the Culps open up their beautifully situated farm in Dunster to the public so that people can view and smell their blooming lilacs.  They have scores of varieties growing in the gardens that surround their house which is located close to the Fraser River.  Lilacs are not the only attraction of the afternoon, since there is also a table full of delicious snacks to nibble on and the inevitable socializing.  
    Even though this event has been going on for years, Joan and I had never attended.  When we woke up yesterday, we thought we were going to miss it again, because it was pouring rain.  Fortunately, the rain stopped late in the morning, and although the skies stayed cloudy, we decided to gamble on the weather, and luckily, it cooperated.   

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