Sunday 24 November 2013

Christmas Fair Season

    I have spent the last two Saturdays sitting behind a table piled high with my 2014 cartoon and trivia calendars, touting the benefits of the calendars in an attempt to get potential customers to part with their hard earned money.   A big-time capitalist, I am not, but I seem to be a fair hawker, because my inventory is rapidly shrinking.  I did especially well yesterday at the McBride Christmas Fair, selling more than $440 worth of calendars during the event.
    Beside providing the opportunity for people to sell the things they have created, the fairs provide a great setting for socializing, and catching up with people that you otherwise rarely run into.  I enjoy having people leaf through my calendars and laugh, even if they don’t buy one.  People always tell me interesting stories about the calendars.
    One woman mentioned she had to buy one or her son, who has a collection of them from past years would be very disappointed if he didn’t get one for 2014.  An older man in Valemount came up and said he wanted a 2013 calendar and I told him he was a year late.  He replied he missed the fair last year and had to go through all those months without one.  Another woman always buys one for a cousin who lives in Ontario, who has the same last name as I do.  She even made me autograph the calendar.
    Now that the Valemount and McBride Christmas Fairs have concluded, I can relax a bit.  I have recovered the cost of printing the calendars and I am in to profit territory.  While there are no more Christmas Fairs, McBride’s Whistle Stop Gallery in the train station will continue to sell them for me.

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