Sunday 3 November 2013

Mottled Sunlight

    I have a few of my paintings sitting on easels and stands in my office so I can look at them.  The other day when I walked by them, I was amazed at how dramatic they looked as mottled sunlight fell upon them.  This darkened some sections of the painting and intensified the color in other sections.  I really loved the effect.
    I have always liked the effect of mottled sunlight on an object, usually from sunlight shining through trees, and it has been one of the things I have tried to capture in several of my painting (“Hostas” and “Hen and Chicks”) where there are subtle changes in light across the subjects.  I once I noticed this same effect on my “Old Green Truck” painting and liked it so much I took a photo and thought I should paint a new version of the painting with the mottling.  (Unfortunately I can’t find the photo right now).
    (In the photo above, the painting on the left and middle are standing on there sides rather than right side up.)

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