Sunday 10 November 2013

Cat In The Box, Part 2

    On Wednesday I wrote about putting a box up by my desk so that Lucifer would have a place to curl up that would not be right in front of my computer.  Lucy took to the her box right away.  I noticed that when she was relaxing in her box, that she had her head up against the hard cardboard side of the container.
    “Poor cat,” I thought, “she should have something softer  to lay her head on.”
    I searched around and found a soft little pillow and put that in her box, thinking that I had done something positive to make our cat’s life more comfortable.
    I was somewhat dismayed this morning when the cat once again took her place in the box-- instead of putting her head on the pillow, she faced the other way, with her head once again against the hard cardboard and her rump against the pillow.  What a cat.

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