Sunday 5 May 2013

Yumm, Junk Food

    Way back in 1969, I spent 2 months taking Peace Corp training for a program in the Philippines.  We were taught all about the culture and the only food we ate, was filipino food.  Lots of rice, and vegetables.  It was healthy and good, but the steady diet of it, left me craving a hamburger and some fries.
    Now, we try to eat healthy things, prepared in a healthy way, but that craving for junk food always lies right below the surface.  Joan, who is a very creative cook, and loves to experiment with new things also had a craving to get out the deep fryer, which we use less than once a year.  Yesterday, we got it out and invited some friends over to help us eat the deep fried results.
    Joan made several kinds of doughnuts, for dessert, and some Buffalo wings as part of the main course.  We all knew we were sinning when we sat down to the table, but we all loved it.  After the feast, we all waddled up, and sat on the lanai, enjoying the warmth and sunshine, and listening to the ducks quacking down on the pond.  
    Unfortunately for me, the evening ended on a bit of a sour note, because when the mosquitoes finally drove us to the house, Joan turned on the tap in the kitchen and discovered that we had no water.  I quickly called Glen, our neighbor, and I had to leave our company, put on my rain suit, grab a shovel, and join Glen to head up to the water falls to change our water intake screen.
    It was almost dark, when I got back home, our guests had left, but we had our water again.  I at least got a bit of exercise, hiking up the hill to the water fall, so I figured that I had burned off some of those delicious Buffalo wings and doughnuts.  
    Below is a photo of the junk food junkies.

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