Wednesday 29 May 2013

Tuesday Night Jam

    I have been so enthused about playing music, that I took the initiative and made arrangements with the McBride Library to use the library annex every Tuesday night for a drop in jam session.  It is something I look forward to every week.
    Like most jams, we go around the circle of musicians, and each can suggest a song to play.  This leads to a wide variety of music.  Bluegrass, blues, rock, and folk are the general genre.  
    The photos show the musicians playing last night.   Jake on classical nylon string guitar, Lennie on washtub bass, Bob on dobro, Lelani with her 12 string guitar,   Brad fingerpicking his banjo, and finally, me playing the mandolin.
    A short recording clip of one of last nights songs can be heard on this same blog at my website:

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