Monday 20 May 2013

Worldwide Web

    One of the really interesting things about having a website and writing a blog, is the statistics you can receive about who comes to your site.  I was totally unaware of the availability of this information when I first started, now I really enjoy and I am constantly amazed whenever I go to take a look.
    The most fascinating information for me is where some of the viewers that have visited to my sites come from.  The top photo shows where the people live, who came to my “” site, and the bottom photo shows those that came to this site.   These numbers change daily, and they always leave me scratching my head.
    How and why, did someone in Turkmenistan find me?  I have also had hits from Guatemala and most interesting:  Myanmar (Burma), where I thought only the military had computers.   Why am I getting so many hits from Russia?  It’s all a mystery.  I also get information about the “robo bots, spider bots, and unknown bots” that troll the internet and stop in at my sites.  That bit seems a little scary.
    A lot of the people that read the blog are friends, relatives, or acquaintances.  It is always interesting when they travel or go on vacation, because suddenly, I get hits from the country they are visiting.  That sometimes explains why I begin getting contacts from an unexpected country, but why should I be getting hits from all these other places?  I find that really mystifying.
    I assume people are doing searches with search engines, but what in the world, did they put in, to end up on a blog site of a retired guy walking around his home in rural British Columbia, looking and writing about the everyday things that catch his eye? 
    My simple mind is constantly amazed at all this new technology, and all of the things it enables.

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