Friday 3 May 2013

A Day of Critters

    One of the things I like the best about living in the Robson Valley, is seeing all of the wildlife.  I have noticed that on those days you see an animal, you are very likely to see another one.  On other days, you see nothing at all.  Yesterday, was one of those days when all kind of things of wildlife was out showing themselves.
    In the morning when we were on our walk, a pair of wood ducks flew up from a pool in the woods.  In the afternoon, we drove to town.  We had just pulled out of our driveway, when we saw something in the distance walking up the road.  As we got closer, and it scampered across the road and up into the woods, we could see it was a fox.
    It was the most beautifully striking fox I had ever seen.  The front part of its body was reddish brown.  Its middle section was sort of alternating stripes of reddish brown and black.  Its hind quarters were mostly black.  It had a very bushy black tail, with a big white tip.  I was beautiful, and I wished I could have gotten a photo of it.
    After our shopping was done in town, Joan and I took a walk down the landing strip at the air field.  There we saw a wapiti (elk) who was grazing in the grass.  As you can see, I was able to get a photo of her.  When we got home, I spotted the first hummingbirds of the season.  Fortunately, I had just put the hummingbird feeder out in the morning.
    Our pair of hooded mergansers were swimming around in the pond, and periodically diving for fish.  I was watching them from the front window, when I noticed ripples and saw that the muskrat was swimming around.  I hadn’t seen it all year, and was beginning to think that it had taken off for somewhere else.  
    Yesterday was truly a remarkable day for seeing wildlife. 

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