Monday 27 May 2013


    As we do our daily walks down our trail through the bush, most of the time I am looking down at the understory--plants that are growing low on the forest floor.  This understory changes as the trail travels through several slightly different ecosystems.  In the photo that you could see in the “Wall of Green” blog, you could see that the trail was lined with bushes that are sometimes as tall as I am.  In other places, the ground is covered low growing plants:  ferns, false solomon seal, and thimbleberry.
    Some pine forests and old growth cedar forests in the Robson Valley, are referred to as “Parkland”.  Those are wonderful forests to walk through.  You have the trees, of course, but the ground is only covered with mosses, lichens, or very low ground covers.  They is like a carpeted forest. 
    In the areas of ferns and other low growing plants along our trail, there seems to be a photo everywhere I look.  Above is a photo I took after one of our frequent rain showers.

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