Wednesday 22 May 2013

First Bear

    This morning, we started out, sleepy eyed and slow, on our trail to take our morning walk.  In the first part of the trail, I commented about how high the brush that walled the trail was getting.  It is more noticeable now that the leaves are out.  Joan replied that it was kind of scary, because something unseen could easily jump out and get you.  We continued on down the narrow path.
    When we got to the second field, I noticed a spot of black on the edge of the hillside.  It was a black bear, the first we’ve seen around our place this spring.  It was feasting on dandelions.  He was far enough away that he wasn’t aware of us.  I snapped this photo, and we turned around and started to retrace our steps making our way back the way we came, so we wouldn’t disturb the bear.
    We generally see bears and signs of bears, periodically through the spring and summer, and they usually trash our fruit trees in the fall.  We have never felt threatened by them, they usually take off when they become aware of our presence.
    One time, Mac, our big, but wimpy dog, treed a mother bear and her two cubs at the far end of my pond.  I saw two black spots in the tree and thought it was some ravens going after baby ducks, so I went down to chase them off, and was surprised to discover that they weren’t ravens, but bear cubs.  The mother was up in a neighboring tree.
    Another time after just returning from a vacation, a black bear, unaware that we had returned, started walking down our driveway toward the house.  I ran out of the house shouting and waving my arms and it turned and ski-daddled off, back into the woods.

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