Tuesday 7 May 2013

A Mouse's Ear

    When should I plant my garden?  One of the old sayings that gives help says, “You can plant when the aspen leaves are the size of a mouse’s  ear”. 
    Yesterday, the leaves of the aspen tree that sits beside our garden, rushed passed that size, so I put in my potatoes.  It was amazing how quickly the aspen and other trees suddenly exploded into leaves.
    I have been complaining all spring about how winter just wouldn’t let go, then suddenly, it seems we skipped spring and jumped into summer.  Our daytime temperature have been hovering around 30C (86F).  That is really warm for this time of year when the average high is supposed to be 14C (57F).
    Just for your information, another saying about when to plant your garden says, "when the soil is warm enough to comfortably sit bare-assed in the soil."  I haven’t tried that one yet.

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