Friday 17 May 2013

Out on the Lanai

    Yesterday after supper, we had such a beautiful evening going on, that Joan, Lucifer, and I did something we rarely do, we went out on the lanai to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Joan brought her knitting out, I grabbed my mandolin, and the cat took up an observation post on an empty lawn chair, and monitored the movement of the chickens, who were under the spruce tree.
    As I sat there and looked out over the trees in our yard, toward the mountains, everything was so spectacular, I had to get up walk into the house and get my camera.  You can see from the photo, that our fruit trees are now in bloom.  The white blossoms are our on our cherry tree,  the reddish green branches sticking up behind it come from our crab apple tree, but it’s blooms haven’t really opened yet.  The trees are alive with bees and butterflies and they fill the air with the sweet scents of springtime.
    In between the songs I was playing on the mandolin, I could hear the wind chimes tinkling, while two squirrels chattered at each other, then chased one another up, down, and around the cottonwood trees beside the bird feeder.  It was all very idyllic, until the wind died down, and some flies and mosquitoes started to be an irritant.
    May is one of my favorite months.

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