Sunday 21 April 2013

Underwater Garden

    I have been so busy monitoring and watching the plants starting to push there way out from the ground, that I had kind of forgotten that a similar push is taking place underwater.  The other morning as I walked along the dam of our pond, I noticed the foliage of this water lily that was catching the sunlight and starting to push its way up to the surface, which is still 2 feet (60cm) above it.  
    When I first built the pond, I was anxious to establish aquatic plants in it, so I searched around, collecting plants from local lakes.  At Horseshoe Lake, which sits beside McBride, I found some huge water lily tubers that were floating near the shore in the spring.  They looked like the arms of an octopus, with suction cups.
    I brought a few of the tubers home and buried them into the muddy bottom of the pond along one side.  They have grown there ever since, and now this clump has somehow spread to the other side of the pond.  Water lilies always remind me of art nouveau art, which I have always liked.

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