Friday 26 April 2013

They're Watching You

    It is always a treat to see a wild animal when we are out walking the trail.  Fortunately, it is a fairly common occurrence.  However, I’m sure I would be surprised to discover how many more animals were out there that I walked right by without seeing.  Their camouflage is remarkable, and as long as they don’t move, they are extremely difficult to see.
    These are photos I took over the last few days.  Hiding in the top photo is a ruffed grouse, which is a chicken-like bird.  Every spring they make a sound like a beating drum, in an attempt to attract a mate.  I wouldn’t have seen this one, if I hadn’t first heard it.
    The bottom photo shows a deer relaxing on the ground.  It was only the light colored patches and the two eyes that made me notice it.  I do think I am getting better at spotting animals than I used to be.

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