Tuesday 16 April 2013

McBride Gets A New Store

    Like all the small rural villages in BC, McBride has struggled to keep it’s businesses viable.  Because of its small population (around 700 in the whole area), there isn’t a whole lot of consumers for a business to survive on.  Because of this small market, prices have to high, and this in turn, hurts the business.  With all these problems, it is gratifying to see that Home Hardware has expanded its operation in McBride.
    When the Stedman store tanked and closed, we had another empty building in McBride.  Fortunately, Home Hardware bought the building and fixed it all up and now runs its home products and decor there.  All the other hardware and building supplies remain in their original store.   This new home products store, opened yesterday, and Joan and I went in to take a look.  While we were there a man walked in, looked around and said, “Wow”.
    That’s exactly how we felt.  Home Hardware did a very tasteful and attractive reno on the inside of the building, and I think all their customers will really appreciate the effort.  Good Luck and thanks, Home Hardware.

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