Wednesday 10 April 2013

A Good Rainy Day

    Today is grey and rainy, which is great.  We don’t need rain; all of the melting snow has already left all the low areas full of water.  I have a very weather-oriented personality, and have a hard time getting motivated when it is grey and gloomy outside.  Knowing all this, it probably seems strange that I was hoping we would get a rainy day, but I was.
    The reason is, that I have to start working on my income tax.  It is something I really hate doing.  Even though, I now use a computer program that makes the ordeal a lot easier, it still puts me in a situation where I’m not really sure what I am doing, or why I am doing it, and I hate the insecurity of not knowing if I am doing it right.
    I plug in all of my numbers into the boxes, then when I’m done, the program fills out pages with a lot of other numbers on them, and I just have to assume that it is right.
    The fact that it is raining outside, eliminates one excuse for me to procrastinate working on my income tax.  When it is nice outside, I am just too good at rationalizing that I shouldn’t be wasting a sunny day by being in the house, and that I should do something outside.  
    Once I get done writing this blog, I still have one other excuse I can use, before I have to sit down and drag out all those tax related papers.  I have to make some soup for lunch.  Unfortunately, that will only take 30 minutes at the most, then, unless someone unexpectedly drops in for a visit, it looks like its tax time for me.

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