Wednesday 17 April 2013

Moving Tomatoes and A Crazy Robin Update

    My greenhouse is unheated, so this time of year, when it still dips below freezing, I hesitate to keep my tender tomato plants in the greenhouse overnight.  Since I transplanted them into pots, they take up too much room, so I can no longer keep them under the grow light.   So every day, I cart them out to the greenhouse, to give them time in the sun, and every evening, I load them back into the cart and wheel them back to the house, so they can stay warm on the dining room table overnight.
    I will be doing this for a while, until I think its safe to plant them in the greenhouse.

    Do you remember the crazy robin that I wrote about when I was down in Indiana?  It kept seeing it’s reflection in a window in my mom’s basement, and repeatedly pecked at it in an attempt to drive the robin, it was seeing, away.  Then, a few days later, I noticed that it was standing on top of the side mirror or my mom’s car, again pecking at the reflection of itself, it was seeing there.  It was making a mess of her mirror with all of its beat smears.
    I talked to my sister the other day, and Jane told me she had solved the problem of mom’s messy side mirror, by putting a plastic bag over the mirror, whenever the car was parked.  That seemed to solve the problem, but then a new problem arose.
    Jane lives right next door to my mom’s house, and after a couple of days, she noticed that the crazy robin, frustrated by the plastic bag on my mom’s side mirror, had flown over to her house and was beginning to attack the mirror on her car.  It seems to be one mighty determined bird.

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