Friday 19 April 2013

Chicken Feast With Gravy

    I have mentioned before that our cat, Lucifer, is an extremely finicky eater.  Her tastes change daily.  As a result whenever we are in the grocery, we have to buy a very wide variety of flavors for her.  “Salmon with Gravy”, ‘Chicken Pate”, “Shrimp and Cod”, “Beef Feast”, “White Fish”,  and “Tuna Feast with Gravy”, the varieties seem endless.
    Sometimes she devours them, sometime she is outraged that we would try to feed her such stuff.  Whenever we open a small can of “Fancy Feast” and put half of it in her bowl, we keep our fingers crossed, as we watch her meander over to the newly presented food, to pass judgement on it.
    First, she sniffs around it, to see if it passes muster.  If it does, she then will take a few exploratory licks, and if it passes this further test, she will start to devour it with gusto.
    If her food fails to pass the sniff test, she becomes very indignant, and turns her back on it, and vigorously paws at the floor in disgust, as if she is trying to bury feces, or some other indescribable abomination.  You can watch her paw in disgust by clicking this link: 

 This usual act of rejection happens on the day after we open a can.  She may have eagerly eaten half of the can the first day, but she seems to have a real aversion to the other half the can a day later.  
    It used to seem so wasteful when we had to dump Lucifer”s untouched food into the trash, but fortunately, we found a way to make use of it.  Now we just put her left over food outside, and our chickens quickly race toward it and clean every particle out of the cat bowl.  There is nothing finicky about our chickens.

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