Tuesday 23 April 2013

Plant Those Peas

    The snow is mostly gone now, except for a few small patches, slowly melting in the shade.  Most people around here plant their whole garden in the middle of May, and think that now it is presently too cold to plant things in the garden, because it is still freezing at night, but some plants (like peas, and lettuce), actually like this cool weather. 
    “Plant as soon as the garden can be worked”, is what I have read on some seed packages, and my garden is beautifully workable right now.  It was warm and sunny yesterday, so I planted both the lettuce and peas.
    We always plant “mesclun” lettuces, which is a mixture of several lettuce varieties (leaf, butter, romaine, for example), in one package.   The fact that I had 3 different leftover mesclun lettuce seed packages, plus one new one, that I planted, means I should have a really wide range of varieties of lettuce when it comes up.
    The pea seeds that I planted, I had saved from my last year’s crop.  We got a mixture of snow and rain overnight, so that extra moisture should help all those seeds, now snuggled under the ground, germinate.

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