Thursday 25 April 2013

Favorite Clothes

    Here is a staged photo of me wearing a couple of my favorite clothes.  I don’t really have an explanation of why I reach for some clothes to wear, over and over, while I have a whole closet-full of garments that remain untouched year after year.
    I had a blue shirt that I liked to wear.   It was getting so worn, that eventually, my elbows ripped through the arms.  That was a few weeks ago.  I realized that it was finished.  I considered maybe cutting off the sleeves and making it into a short sleeve shirt, but I knew the material was just getting too thin.  Even still, I didn’t throw it away, I hung it over the back of a chair, just in case I thought of some use for it.  A week later, I cut off all of the buttons, so that I could maybe use them for something, but I didn’t throw the shirt away.
    The Milnes have been clearing out some of their unwanted clothing, and they gave me a lot of Dave’s unwanted shirts.  Most of them have joined all the other lonely shirts hanging in my closet, but one shirt, which I tried on and I really liked.  (It is the beige shirt peeking out of from under the blue  pullover in the photo.) 
    The beige shirt was made of heavy material, and fit well, but it had one major problem.  The sleeves were way too short for me.  It was a dilemma.  I really liked the shirt, but I hated that the sleeves were way to short for my arms.  Then I had an idea; I would cut off the cuffs of my old favorite blue shirt that was still hanging over the back of the chair, and sew them onto the beige shirt to lengthen the sleeve length.  That is what I did. 
    If you look on the photo, you can see the blue sleeves that I sewed onto the beige shirt.  Of course, I had to sew the buttons back on the cuffs, since  a week ago, I had cut them off, to save.  The shirt now fits me, even though, in the photo, the sleeves still look too short.
    The dark blue pullover I am wearing, is a long time favorite.  Unfortunately, I somehow tore a hole in the front, which immediately made Joan want me to ditch it, I have come close to doing that a couple of times, but so far, I haven’t been able to put it into the wastebasket.  
    If I was rational, I would just throw out the aging worn-out favorites, and start wearing all of the other shirts in my closet, but for some reason, I cling to these old favorites, and all the other shirts remain hanging, unused. 

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