Wednesday 17 May 2023

Sony Camcorder Closeups

    Over the last couple of days I have been lamenting the disappearance of the camcorder and describing just what a versatile piece of equipment it is.  As discussed previously, the Sony camcorder’s focal range is amazing.  Yesterday I showed some examples of the abilities of its zoom.  Today I have some examples of it’s closeups.

    Above is a photo I took of my computer keyboard I took with my camcorder.  The shot was difficult just because I was able to get so close to the keyboard (an inch or 3 cm) that at that distance, the camera blocked out the light shining on the keyboard.  You can see the all the embarrassing dirt and grime in sharp detail, on my keyboard, things that I don’t ordinarily notice when I use it. 

    Below is a closeup I took of a more natural subject:  a dandelion with some tiny Forget-me-nots.  The camcorder lets you just get right into the personal space of the flower.  

    The camcorder has been such a wonderful and useful instrument for my photography and I am sure disappointed that they are rapidly disappearing from the marketplace.   I hope my camcorder will last as long as I do.

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