Monday 8 May 2023

Our Evacuation Stay

    I will start out by saying that our evacuation order has now been lifted and we are back home at our property that was not at all damaged by the Teare Cr. Forest Fire.  

    Today I thought I would tell you about our evacuation stay.  Upon hearing about our evacuation, our friends the Milnes, whose house is located safely away from the fire, immediately invited us to come and stay with them. 

    They have a beautiful home, as you can see in the photo, plus they have a separate studio that is all set up to accommodate guests, so we had our separate space to live in, while sharing meals and visiting with them.  Once we saw that our house was out of danger, our evacuation seem to turn into something akin to a vacation visit with friends.

    One of our biggest concerns with staying with them was wondering how Kona and Lucifer were going to react to staying away from the world they knew.  Lucifer our cat, was a particular worry, because she had never been on a leash, and had only been in her cat carrying case two times.  She surprised us by how well she adapted to the change.

    We didn’t have a collar or a leash for Lucifer, but I was able to rig one up using one of Kona’s leashes.  I put the hand loop of the leash over Lucy’s head, then using safety pins, tightened and secured it, so she couldn’t slip her head out of it.  I used the fastener on the other end of the leash to secure Lucifer to a railing, so she couldn’t venture very far.

    Within her accessible corner were her carrying case and a blanket for sleep, her litter box, and some food and water.  Although she really wanted to explore the studio, she accepted her limitations without to much complaint.  She did start loudly meowing a couple of times in the middle of the night, but after I got up and put more food in her dish, she quieted down again.

    Lucifer did start craving a lot of affection, so we had to pet her a lot to keep her satisfied.  She was a real trooper about being away from home, as was Kona, who fortunately didn’t demonstrate any of her incessant, loud, barking.  They were both good pets during our stay, but were happy once we were able to get back home to the world they knew.  Once home, Kona took off to explore our property, making sure there hadn’t been any critter visits during our absence. 

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