Monday 17 April 2023

Someone's Dream Collapses

    We own the 14 acre (5.6 ha.) piece of property across the road from our house.  It is pretty much untouched land, which is why we bought it.  We didn’t want someone to buy it and log it, we wanted to keep it in its natural state.  All that being said, before we arrived in the Robson Valley, some owner of the land had built a small hut on the property.  It wasn’t much, but probably worked okay as a retreat during the summer. 

    For decades, the hut was slowly deteriorating, and the other day I walked through the property and noticed that over the winter, the hut had finally collapsed.  I did noticed there were a few pieces of useable lumber stored under the hut.  I will salvage those and anything else that can be used, then let nature take its course on the hut.

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