Wednesday 5 April 2023

Kona's Stick Collection

    We have never had a dog that loved sticks so much as Kona.  Every time she sees a stick, (or piece of kindling that I have cut), she picks it up and carries it back to the yard.  Sometimes she chews on them, but usually, she just drops them, then admires her collection.  

    Now that Spring is finally beginning to show herself, the extent of Kona’s stick collection is becoming more obvious.  Her sticks that had been buried in the winter’s snow are reappearing as the snow melts, and new sticks are also showing themselves to be added to her collection.  

    When she isn’t looking I put the kindling sticks onto my firewood stack, but they are not necessarily safe there, because Kona sometimes grabs them off of the stack and puts them back in the yard.

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