Saturday 22 April 2023

"Falling Out of Place" a Play by Sharon Stearn

    Last night I went to see “Falling Out of Place” a pioneer drama written by local playwright, Sharon Stearn of Wishbone Productions, and performed by local actors.  It was a three character play starring Andrew Hyrhirchuk, Bob Thompson,and Abi Ward.  There was drama, comedy, tension, and mystery.  It  was an enjoyable way to spend the evening and the playwright, actors, and everyone else responsible for the production should be commended.  I am always amazed at how much local talent there is in the Valley, despite our sparce population.

    I took my camcorder along so that I could take some closeup shots of the actors, but I didn’t realize that I had taken the flash memory card out of the camcorder, so it was useless.  Luckily, I had my iPhone with me and used that.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a closeups of the actors, but you see them in action in front of the amazing set.

    The final performance will be held tonight,, April 22nd, 7:30 at the McBride High School auditorium.  Tickets are $20.

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